40M IR Motorized Vari-Focal Lens Dome


  • 8MP IP Camera.
  • Eye-Sight v2 Series.
  • Real-Time.
  • 1/3" CMOS .
  • 2.8-12mm MVF Lens.


The new Eye-Sight series serves the security professionals who are seeking for a
Professional Line featuring outstanding image quality, full connectivity and
enhanced video analytics functions based on Artificia lIntelligence.
Face detection and object detection have been added to all the Eye-Sight
cameras and run on a new generation powerful AI CPU designed for this purpose.
"AI" Video Analytics
Provision-ISR Artificial Intelligence
The A.I. is based on a series of algorithms, or mathematical procedures, which work like a series of questions to compare the object seen with hundreds of thousands
of stored reference images of objects in different angles, positions and movements. The Artificial Intelligence asks itself if the observed object moves like the reference
images, whether it is approximately the same size height relative to width, if it has the characteristic two arms and two legs, and if it is vertical instead of horizontal.
Many other questions are possible, such as the degree to which the object is reflective, the degree to which it is steady or vibrating, and the smoothness with which it moves.
Combining all of the values from the various questions, an overall ranking is derived which gives the A.I. the probability that the object is or is not a human, a vehicle or an object.
Provision-ISR Artificial Intelligence video analytics functions:
DDA Analytics Face Detection Face Recognition
Based on smart objects recognition technology,
DDA VIDEO ANALYTICS allows the system to
distinguish between human beings 2-wheeled vehicles and
4-wheeled vehicles. The system triggers alarms or sends
push notifications only when the desired object is detected
and by doing so reduces annoying false alarms caused
by shadows, light changes, shaking trees, or animals.
The camera detects a face in the scene and sends the face
snapshot to the NVR which analyses the face and compares it
to the ones included in the existing database in order to
recognize the person. Provision-ISR second generation of IP
cameras feature great performances. An Eye Sight (V2) camera
featuring face detection is able to detect up to 10 faces in 60
milliseconds while a Smart-Face camera can detect up to 30
Until now, Face Detection was performed by the Camera and
Face Recognition was performed by the NVR. Provision-ISR
Smart-Face series includes All-in-One cameras performing
both Face Detection and Face Recognition, taking the load off
the NVR and acting as an independent gate operator or
attendance clock.

Image Sensor

8 MPX 1/3” CMOS (16:9)

Effective Pixels


Frame 8MP 1-20FPS, 6MP 1-20FPS, 5MP 1-25/30FPS, 4MP 1-25/30,
2MP 1-25/30 In Normal Mode1-50/60FPS In HFR Mode



0,015lux (@F1,4, AGC On) 0lux With IR On


2,8-12mm MVF With Auto Focus (96°-32°)


40m (3 High Power IR-LED)

Image Enhancement

True WDR (120dB), BLC, HLC, ROI

Noise Reduction


Privacy Mask


Motion Detection


Standard Analytics

Camera Tampering, Smart Search

AI Analytics

DDA (Line Crossing, Sterile Area, Object Counting)
+ Face Detection

Video Compression

H265/ H264



SD Card

Up to 128Gb


Built-in Microphone + 1 IN



Power Supply

DC12V/~910mA / PoE/~8,2W

Working Temperature

-30°C~60°C, 10%~90% Humidity





Junction Box

PR-JB14IP66 - PR-JB14IP64 - PR-WB-A


40M IR Motorized Vari-Focal Lens Dome
  • Brand: Provision ISR
  • Product Code: 22-033
  • Availability: 5-7 Days

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